Thousands of tourists come to Reus Airport in order to stay some days in Catalonia. In this post I want help these tourists by telling them how to go from Reus Airport to Barcelona and I will tell too the wonderful places you can find near Reus. There are very beautiful places near Reus and I just wonder how many people coming to Reus Airport know.

Let’s begin by saying that there are buses going from Reus Airport to Barcelona. The company is called HISPANO IGUALADINA. Another possiblity is to take a yellow bus from REUS AIRPORT than in about 20 minutes will leave you in Reus city, next to RENFE train station. It costs 2,20 euros. From Reus city you have trains that go to Tarragona, Barcelona, Zaragoza, etc. I recommend the train to Barcelona ( 7.05 euros) as you will enjoy nice views of the Mediterranean sea (the bus – 12,50 one way, 22 round trip -goes through the highway that is quite far from the beaches but shows you instead vinyards)

The round trip in train is 12.70 euros and you have 15 days to return. The bus return is 22 euros and you have 15
days to return.

The buses from RENFE station to REUS AIRPORT leave at 0430, 0530, 0630, 0730, 0830, 0930, 1030, 1130, 1230, 1330, 1430, 1530, 1630, 1730, 1830, 1930, 2030, 2130, 2230 and 2330)

Around Reus you can find wonderful countryside. The mountains of Prades are a paradise. Anyway, you also have Salou and Port Aventura if you want another kind of surrounding.

If this post brings interest from visitors I will try to add more places and transport options.

I have visited the HISPANO IGUALADINA website and I read there are changes for the timetable and it says you have to look there 24 hours before your trip. They also tell you to look at their timetable!

By the way the website of AENA – REUS AIRPORT. AENA is the company responsible of this airport (and others …)

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I just have noticed that is receiving visits from other countries so I assume that this post in English may be helpful. is a personal website related to the train station of Camp de Tarragona. This station is situated at about 15 minutes by car from TARRAGONA CITY or 15 minutes by car from REUS AIRPORT. Here I put photos and information about this station. CAMP DE TARRAGONA is a very modern and new station situated outside TARRAGONA CITY (Tarragona has its own normal train station). The trains in Camp de Tarragona are mostly the AVE and the AVANT and also some ALVIA AND TRENHOTEL. With AVANT you can reach LLEIDA and BARCELONA. With AVE you can reach more cities like ZARAGOZA and MADRID and MÁLAGA, SEVILLA, etc with HIGH SPEED TRAINS. The price for a single trip from Camp de Tarragona is about 12 euros. Without stops of course. So if you arrive to REUS AIRPORT and you want to go to Barcelona maybe you just can catch a bus to this train station and in about 35 minuts you are in Barcelona-Sants station. I do not know if those buses exits but I imagine they will exist soon. If you are in Barcelona you also could come to CAMP DE TARRAGONA. From there you could catch a bus to REUS, TARRAGONA, PORT AVENTURA, SALOU, CAMBRILS. Please be aware that instead of going to Camp de Tarragona you also could go to those towns with conventional train. Once a good public transport is made between REUS AIRPORT and CAMP DE TARRAGONA this will mean that AEROPORT DE REUS will be a very good airport to come to Barcelona!. Please visit to see timetables for trains (AVE or AVANT) and and for buses connecting CAMP DE TARRAGONA to the towns nearby. Remember that CAMP DE TARRAGONA is a new train station in the middle of nowhere but with high speed trains.

You also can visit my post in English about REUS AIRPORT at